QA Simplified. Quality Amplified.

QA Simplified. Quality Amplified.

Seeking flawless product quality? Let our QA engineers join your team and handle QA processes from inception to perfection. Your focus remains where it truly matters – crafting exceptional software.

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"I’m highly impressed by Mantis EVN’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication to quality assurance. They quickly understood our business needs, enhanced our products with meticulous attention, and their commitment to process, documentation, communication, and collaboration has been integral to our success. I highly recommend Mantis EVN as a top-tier QA firm that consistently delivers exceptional results."

Zach Goldberg
Zach Goldberg CTO

“Mantis EVN has been a valuable partner in ensuring quality and reliability, demonstrating expertise in software testing and quality assurance. Their attention to detail, comprehensive testing services, and proactive suggestions for software development process improvements have helped streamline operations and reduce testing time and resources”

Dr. Gege Gatt
Dr. Gege Gatt CEO

“Mantis EVN has been a key partner in speeding up our product release cycles. They elevate QA to partnership level, bringing product and business insight that makes the QA process fast, helpful and painless. We’ve really enjoyed the caliber of their staff and appreciate how effectively they’ve integrated into our team. We highly recommend Mantis EVN as a reliable and trustworthy partner for your QA needs.”

Chloe Sladden
Chloe Sladden Co-Founder and Co-CEO Honeycomb

"I see the value that Mantis EVN’s Quality Engineers bring every day. As a software developer in test, I value working with QA partners that have a deep understanding of our product and perform comprehensive testing that ensures our customers have the experience they deserve. Mantis EVN’s timely testing is also a key part of our success in doubling deployment frequency without compromising on quality. Their QA engineers are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them."

Jennifer Mullen
Jennifer Mullen Senior SDET Vareto

The Stuff We Do Best

Mantis EVN

Functional Testing

Functional Testing ensures a comprehensive evaluation of every feature and functionality within your application, leading to enhanced software quality and optimization.

Mantis EVN

Usability Testing

Through Usability Testing, your software will achieve a seamless and intuitive user experience, and overall satisfaction by conducting assessments of the app’s user-friendliness and efficiency.

Mantis EVN

Regression Testing

With Regression Testing, you can ensure that your updated software remains reliable, as it focuses on verifying that modifications enhance existing functions rather than causing any impairing effects.

Mantis EVN

Compatibility Testing

Through Compatibility Testing, your software undergoes thorough examination across various environments, guaranteeing its consistent functionality and delivering a seamless user experience across all platforms.

Mantis EVN

Mobile Testing

With Mobile Testing, you will have a high-quality mobile app through evaluation of the app’s performance and thorough examination of the user interface on various devices.

Mantis EVN

QA automation

With our No-Code AI Automation Testing approach, your app’s evaluation process will expedited by utilizing efficient and automated procedures, guaranteeing optimal software performance.

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