It’s not about the glitches we find, but the success stories we create.
Hear it from our clients.

Mantis EVN revolutionized quality assurance for an AI-based customer engagement platform, implementing comprehensive QA processes and onboarding a dedicated on-site QA team. As the client scaled rapidly, Mantis EVN quickly adapted by adding pre-trained QA engineers and leveraging AI automation solutions. The collaboration achieved remarkable results, including reduced testing time and impressive performance metrics, ensuring top-notch customer engagement.

Mantis EVN addressed significant challenges for a client, including the lack of a QA process of a complex software system. We implemented comprehensive QA strategies, incorporated testing into the development cycle, and established regression testing processes. As the company scaled, the QA team was expanded, introduced AI automation tools, and achieved impressive results, including high test coverage, reduced regression times, and minimal production bugs.

Mantis EVN assisted Vareto in implementing a robust QA process. With the involvement of dedicated QA engineers, Vareto achieved near-zero functional bugs leaking into production, smooth bi-weekly releases, and comprehensive manual test coverage of 95%. The collaboration enabled Vareto to maintain high-quality standards in the financial industry, optimize their development pipeline, and ensure the reliability and precision of their strategic finance platform.