QA Team and Procces from Groundup for Dama Financial


  1. QA Process Maturation: As Growlow (a Dama company) grew, so did the complexities and demands of their software. While they had instituted a QA process in the initial stages, it became apparent that there was a need to refine and enhance this process to match the evolving needs of the business. Mantis EVN was brought on board to assist in this maturation, ensuring that Dama Financial’s QA measures remained robust and effective in ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction.
  2. Complexity of the Software and the Team Size: The software in question was quite large and intricate, making it exceedingly difficult to test without dedicated QA processes. During the engineering team’s early rapid growth, test coverage did not meet the team’s standards resulting in a higher-than-desired bug report rate.

The Solution

Mantis EVN tackled these challenges through a two-phased approach:

In the first year of cooperation:

  1. We brought onboard a QA engineer who spent considerable time on exploratory testing, understanding business requirements, and gaining comprehensive knowledge of the product and the industry.
  2. After this preliminary phase, we defined a QA strategy tailored to the business requirements of our client.
  3. The QA processes were incorporated into the software development cycle. As a result, every new feature underwent several rounds of exploratory testing before it was pushed to production.
  4. We also established and executed regression testing strategies to ensure that no regression bugs occurred before each production release.
  5. Detailed reports of all tests performed were generated after each regression and shared with stakeholders.

In the Second Phase:

  1. As the company began to scale, we augmented the QA team with three additional engineers to handle the increasing volume of QA work.
  2. We managed the hiring, training, and onboarding of new team members, saving our client significant time and resources that would have been spent on in-house recruitment and training.
  3. As the entire team worked from a single location, we held all our internal meetings and sync-ups in person. This approach significantly boosted productivity and expedited QA outcomes for our client.
  4. Initially composed of manual QA engineers, the team quickly learned to use innovative AI tools for no-code automation by leveraging our internal knowledge-sharing practices at Mantis EVN. This development saved our client from hiring additional automation QA engineers and reduced the time of production releases.


After nearly four years of cooperation, we have achieved remarkable results:

  1. A fully integrated team of four QA engineers working full-time for the client.
  2. Extensive manual test case coverage of 95% for the client’s core software.
  3. An automation coverage of 65%-70% using the AI tool, which reduced regression times from 3-4 days to just a day.
  4. Maintenance of near-zero P1/P0 bugs leaking into production over 4-week periods.
  5. Zero time or resources spent by the client on hiring or training the QA team.


This case study epitomizes how a robust and tailored QA outstaffing solution can overhaul a software development process. Mantis EVN’s expertise and dedicated resources not only instilled an effective QA process but also fostered an environment for learning and growth. By outsourcing QA processes to Mantis EVN, our client could focus more on core software development, leading to improved product reliability, enhanced customer satisfaction, and efficient use of resources.

Our continued collaboration showcases how Mantis EVN is poised to adapt to the growing needs of the client, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions. We stand ready to assist other businesses seeking to optimize their software development cycle and maximize the quality and reliability of their products.