Revolutionizing QA for a Strategic Finance Platform


Vareto, a strategic finance platform, specializes in developing software designed to automate routine processes such as monthly business reporting and enhance collaborative workflows like annual planning for finance and executive teams. Having secured a substantial amount of funding, totaling $24 million through Seed and Series A rounds, Vareto faced an increased imperative to integrate robust quality assurance (QA) processes into their development pipeline. Prior to our involvement, Vareto did not have a dedicated QA system in place. Given the nature of the financial industry in which Vareto operates, ensuring precision and maintaining a constant vigilance over high-quality standards became absolutely crucial.


To address this challenge, Vareto brought in a QA engineer from Mantis EVN to establish a robust QA process within the company. The QA engineer took charge of writing comprehensive test cases, conducting regression testing before each release, performing exploratory testing, and diligently tracking bugs to prevent their leakage into production.

As Vareto expanded from two founders to over 20 individuals worldwide, including more than 10 engineers dedicated to the product, the pace of feature development and app expansion accelerated. Consequently, the release cycle was increased from once per week to twice per week. To meet the increased demand for quality assurance, an additional QA professional was added to the team. Prior to joining, the new team member underwent thorough training, ensuring a seamless onboarding process and saving Vareto valuable time and resources typically spent on hiring and training. The two QAs worked closely with the development team, ensuring the app’s high quality. Moreover, having two QAs enabled comprehensive cross-browser and device testing to ensure optimal performance across all platforms.


Over the course of two years (and ongoing), our collaboration with Vareto has yielded significant achievements as of June 2023:

  • A fully integrated team of two QA engineers, ensuring consistent quality control for the client.
  • Zero client time or resources invested in hiring and training the QA team.
  • Near-zero functional bugs leaking into production, guaranteeing a reliable and stable application.
  • Smooth handling of bi-weekly releases, including thorough regression testing, bug reporting, and verification.
  • A commendable 95% coverage of manual test cases, providing comprehensive testing across the platform.


In conclusion, our partnership with Vareto has resulted in an impressive transformation of their QA processes. By establishing a dedicated QA team, Vareto successfully addressed the challenges associated with maintaining high-quality software in the fast-paced financial industry. With the two QA engineers on board, Vareto experienced fewer bugs reaching production, ensured the smooth execution of bi-weekly releases, and achieved extensive test coverage. Our collaboration continues to drive Vareto’s success by assuring precision, reliability, and continuous improvement in their strategic finance platform.